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     The stages of change and motivational interviewing, anger management, codependency and deliverance are four nuances of human behavior that are inter-related. In the Eagles Ministry we share different stories about real life, sometimes about families. We learn that there is no perfect family or no family that is structured the way that God designed a family to be. As a support group, we uncover the underlined reasons for substance abuse and all dysfunctional behaviors.

     We use real life circumstances that are intentional and are continually leading us to help the lost, the struggling, the addict, the alcoholic, the deadbeat dad, the "clutterer," the sex addict, the mentally challenged, the prisoner, the killer, the brut, the ugly and those that’s fit for the garbage dump. Please see for yourself that these are the very specialty of God. Do you know who you are? Well come and see who you truly are and see that God works all things together for our good, all things. 

     “This is a very special and unique book.  It is different, profound, mysterious strange and a lot of other things.  There is nothing normal about this book.  Instead of order, it will be disorder.  In recovery life is not just straight forward, sometimes relapse is a part of the process, sometimes it is not.  Change is sometimes very ugly, sometimes embarrassing, shameful, even regretful.  But positive change is always beautiful.  And every good thing comes from the Lord.  So be aware of the chaos that is forthcoming, and I suggest you don’t make the mistake like myself and be a Mister Know It All, which was at the root of my substance abuse problems.”

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