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Gospelodeum is an independent publisher.  We manage, edit, proofread, design covers and expedite the entire publishing process.    Gospelodeum is interested in giving our clients great value for their efforts of documentation and storytelling.  Writing a book is not an easy task.  It requires dedication, expertise and creativity and most especially keep you on point for completion.


Music Publishing

Gospelodeum will look after the rights of your songs and issue licenses (such as mechanical/recording licenses, print licenses, and synchronization licenses).  We secure that you will receive your royalties,   We process all the administrative work for your copywritten work.  We also generate income to the songwriter by placing the songs you publish with successful recording artists or on television and in films.


Vocal Coaching

Gospelodeum offer private lessons for children and adults are available throughout the year, including summer specifically for the emerging Gospel or Worship Leader.  Lessons are weekly 30 or 45 minute lessons.  Group lessons are available for musical ensembles in order to prepare for recording studio work and live performance stage presence in worship settings.  Digitally or through online singing lessons (e.g., via Skype or Facetime) in which audio or video is transmitted of the instructor singing and the student imitates the instructor is available.

Whatever the need, our distinctive staff will help you achieve your goals whether you are a beginner or advanced student. 


Business Consulting &

Administrative Services

Gospelodeum has over 45 years of management and administrative experience.  We will provide management consulting to help your non-profit organization or performing artists improve performance, planning, and efficiency.  We create solutions while also helping businesses and individuals meet their goals.   CERTIFIED NOTARY MOBILE SERVICE

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